Monday, 2 May 2011

Neglected blogs!

I will start to update my blogs soon.  Honestly! 

Anyway, I've just had a really frustrating time trying to log into my account.  I finally got in, but it still didn't let me do a new post.  So I came on here instead, and even Blogger didn't take me straight to the right place - but I'm here now!  Anyway, I haven't got that much to say now that I am here, except to apologise for my recent lack of activity on all of my blogs. 

I don't really feel that spiritual at the moment.  I feel kind of stressed out, and...oh, I don't know.  My head is full of issues.  I have my spiritual moments, though.  I didn't celebrate Beltane, not even in my vague Quagan style.  I feel like I'm as rubbish at being Pagan as I was at being Christian.  But the feelings and beliefs are there!  Okay, so I just need some direction...Tell me about it!

More from me soon, hopefully...Blessed be. x

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