Friday, 8 April 2011

OCD and being Pagan/Wiccan

I felt sad after writing my last post that I used the words: "I'm not Wiccan and never will be."  That seemed too final. 

I do feel that I am being specifically tested - which isn't the perfect word, but the best the I can come up with, at the moment - with regard to the OCD vs Pagan/Wiccan faith thing, especially with regard to my obsessions with hygiene. 

I'm also not sure now if my Pagan/Wiccan beliefs scare me in some respects, and maybe I'm using Quakerism as a "safety net" - maybe even my OCD and dyspraxia, too.  But then I also think that I'm thinking too much, and losing my true spirituality in the process.  I need to meditate, and try to feel for the answers.  If you read this, please send me positive healing energy.  I really need that right now.