Sunday, 13 November 2011

Blogger drives me crazy sometimes!

I have started up new blogs for my fiction (short stories and a novel).  So far so good, but for some reason, some of the paragraphs don't, and won't, end where I want them to.  Even on my new poetry blog, I have had to accept that some of the poems don't visually "show" the same as the others, no matter how many times I try to ask for consistent fonts, font colours, etc.  Stress!

Sorry - this hasn't got much to do with spirituality, has it?  I know that normally I try to keep this blog for spiritual subjects, as opposed to my general blog (  To be honest, it's a case of laziness/convenience, as I was already on Blogger.  I could set up a general blog on here, but that would mean effectively "scrapping" the one.  There are Pros and Cons, but I don't like the "all eggs in one basket" aspect, and also sometimes Google/Blogger is frustrating to use.

Anyway, check out: or/and

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