Saturday, 10 December 2011

What is a Quaker, let alone a Quagan?

A friend, earlier this year, asked me what religion I was - hmmm, always a hard one.  I started to attempt explaining that I was kind of Quaker Pagan, but I could tell that he wasn't really listening or receptive.  He thought that The Quakers had re-written The Bible.  He had this idea fixed in his mind, so arguing wasn't worthwhile or productive.  Then he insisted that Quakers were "British Mormon Christians", but. the word "pagan" also seemed to register, so I was also duly asked whether I was a "heathen".  And his final verdict?  I'm a "Quaker Mormon Christian heathen", of course!!!  Not bad, actually...

I don't worry too much.  My clinical psychologist called after that, and left a really weird message.  So who is craziest, anyway???  I'll live with "Quaker Mormon Christian heathen"...:-)


  1. We get periodic visits from the local fundie Baptist congregations (somewhere to the right of the Southern Baptists which isn't saying much). I don't even try to explain that i'm a former Methodist, exploratory Quaker who also thinks the Great Mother has a lot to teach us. I prefer the peaceful approach to watching their heads explode.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Jackie. Not sure if Blogger will let me reply to comments currently - but trying!

  3. Blogger is obviously in a good mood, Jackie! It let me reply today. Sorry that I didn't discover and reply to your comment sooner. Yes, as you say - any complexities in theological beliefs seem to "throw" many people. I have respect for the Methodist Church, as they have led the way on issues such as encouraging female vicars.