Thursday, 22 December 2011


I am finding my way in spiritual terms, and I am not currently in "blogging about it" mode.

Starting to explore the site:, as well as various other spiritual websites, including many personal blogs on spiritual themes.  More links can be found on:

I wrote a short poem, in the build up to this year's Winter Solstice.  I just posted it on:  It also appears on: and I posted it on Tumblr.  It was written spontaneously, and didn't go through any real editing process.  It expresses deep emotions, a sense of spirituality, a moment captured - was written in a morning after very little sleep.  I feel that the poem refers to my feelings about the moon goddess Rhiannon.  I have talked about Rhiannon in previous blog posts.

That is all for now.  Blessed be. xxx

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