Thursday, 23 February 2012

New title!

This blog has a new title.  I felt that "Reflections of the Quagan Poet" was no longer quite right.  I am currently avoiding labels, such as "Quaker", "Quagan" and "Pagan".  I feel that all labels are restrictive and limiting.  I don't require them, at this point in my spiritual journey.  Earlier in the year, I altered my "Religious views" on Facebook, from "Quagan" to "Spiritual but not religious".

"Imperfect Expressions" is the title of one of my poems.  The poem is about my relationship with the goddess Rhiannon.  I realised last night that it would make a good title for the blog.

The URL will not change.  I have tried to change blog URLs before, and Blogger won't allow it.  I would have to delete the blog and start again, which I don't wish to do - so, the URL will still be

Peace and blessings. xxx

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