Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Rest in peace, Raz budgie and Kit the zebra finch.

I'm sad to say that we lost Raz budgie a week ago, and one of our zebra finches, Kit, yesterday.

I copied this from my other blog (http://www.paulap.blog.com/):

This morning (a week since Raz passed), I heard from our grey budgie, Bert, who passed away in December 2008.  Bert appeared by my bed in a dream, just before I woke up.  I have heard from Bert before since his death.  Raz was also grey, but very different to Bert - much smaller, with black markings and a pale yellow face.  After we lost Bert, I always knew that another grey budgie would come into our lives but that he wouldn't look like Bert, or Silver (a budgie whom my parents inherited from my late nan), or a grey budgie who a lady bought for her son in a pet shop on the day we bought Nephi, Lehi, Robin and Vernon finches (which also ended up being the day before we lost our beloved lineolated parakeet, Pear).  

I know that it is lazy to copy a whole paragraph from one blog to the other, but I didn't want to have to struggle for the words all over again.  In fact, there are so many aspects to the all of the stories connected with our birds - and I don't think that I've done a great job of explaining.  It reads quite badly, in my own, self-critical opinion - but it will have to do for now.

I updated my poetry site: http://paulapuddephatt.tripod.com/poetry.

More from me soon, hopefully...x

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