Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Reply to comment on my last post...

This is for Sophia Catherine.  Thank you for your comment on my last post.  Blogger won't let me reply.  It keeps making me log in again and...I'm just going around in circles and getting stressed.  I copied/pasted my reply, so I'll try to include it here, as a fresh blog post!!!

Hi Sophia Catherine,
Blogger finally let me sign up to your blog - phew! It is great to connect with you. As I said on PaganSpace, I haven't heard the term "Christopagan" since my Beliefnet days!!! I kind of started out identifying as Christopagan myself. You're dyspraxic, as well? Yeah, honestly, I'd be dangerous with all those candles that most Wiccans and Witches seem to use every five minutes!!! I have a problem with Christianity in many respects, but especially the denial of the female Divine. I wasn't any good with Christian rituals, either. LDS church wasn't too bad in that way, but I used to avoid Communion at C. of E. Church, and I'd be hopeless at Catholicism (just practically)...x

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  1. Oh, thanks for that! I like replies :) Blogger is a tricky one, isn't it? As for the danger in candles - hah - I'm actually starting to learn candle magic - and I keep a *lot* of water around and check my smoke alarms at least twice a day :D

    I have issues with Christian rituals too, a lot of the time (I'm 'high' Anglican i.e. go to a ritualistic church), so you can imagine how well it goes when we're having a very ritualistic time and there are lots of things I'm supposed to do. Fortunately, I'm also physically disabled, so they tend to ignore me politely as I fall over the aisle carpet once again ;) Great to connect with you!