Saturday, 27 August 2011

Blogspot/blogger poetry blog

I've not been updating the above mentioned site.  I was intending to do something a little more involved with this blog, going into the meanings of, and reasons for writing, some of my poems.  However, I never get around to doing this.  I've only ever put up one poem!  I am wondering if I shouldn't just change it into a regular poetry blog.  It would then involve less work, and I wouldn't neglect it as much.  It would be another way in which to share my poems - and another place to store them, in case Tripod ever decide to take down my websites overnight, which they could do at any time.  (They are only freebie sites, so they don't owe me anything - although they do all right out of the deal, with all the ads they put on my pages - wish that they'd ease up on the dating site variety!)

We'll see how it goes, but I think that's the way I'll go with it...

URL for the other blog:  Watch this space???

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