Thursday, 25 August 2011

Goddess oracle cards

I drew Cordelia, and she told me that I had been indoors too long, and I needed to at least step outside, so I made myself go into the back garden briefly, and I do feel better for it, although I still have it in my head that I didn't really have time, as I'm too behind with household tasks, and now I've ended up doing this blog, too...I wasn't getting my tasks done anyway though, so that's silly!  I did take a peak at the meaning of Rhiannon's card too, even though I didn't draw it - knew there had to be a Rhiannon card - and she also emphasised that I needed to be outside and connect with nature more.  I know, it is true!  It's ridiculously accurate.

Yesterday, the fairies told me to "be myself", which is also accurate.  I find it so hard to believe that anyone likes me as I am.  I've had that card before, quite a while ago.

I'm glad that I'm using my oracle cards again...:-)

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