Sunday, 6 February 2011

Am I really a Quaker?

I don't currently go to Meetings, for health and personal reasons, but I hope to again one day.  I never joined my local Meeting, so I am not technically a Quaker, but I do come from a "part Quaker" (dad's side) family, and I associate strongly with Quakerism.  There is, of course, the added complication of identifying as Quagan (or Quaker Pagan), rather than Quaker Christian, or Orthodox/Conservative Quaker.  Not all Quakers would accept me as a Quaker.  But do I accept myself as a Quaker?  Do Great Spirit and The Goddess accept me as a Quaker?  Do labels or "club memberships" really matter, anyway?  Is Quakerism a religion?  If so, why do so many view it as a Christian denomination, especially here in the UK?  I'm so confused!  If it is possible to be a solitary witch or an independent Christian, then why not a solitary or independent Quaker?  And where are all the Quaker Univeralist groups???

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