Thursday, 3 February 2011

God(dess) comes to all nations...

I just believe that!  So I don't believe that any one religion or spiritual path has "all of the answers".  If that makes me a "spiritual seeker" or "spiritual shopper", so be it.  It is just so hard when you don't really fit in anywhere, but I've had that problem throughout my life.  I persist, and defend what I believe to be right and true.  I am happy with the term "Quagan" - as labels go - but true spirituality transcends all labels.  It isn't a case of which, if any, "club" you belong to.  That's how I see it, anyway.  All religions contain truth and value, and if we have open minds and hearts, we can learn from each other, and be loving and compassionate towards other people - and animals - and trees etc, as they have spirits, too.

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