Sunday, 27 February 2011

Peace Testimony, pacifism and vegetarianism

I totally believe in The Quakers' Peace Testimony.  To me, that couldn't be more relevant today.  And it ties in with "An ye harm none do as ye will" and "Thou shalt not kill".  The Tibetan Book of the Dead also tells us not to kill.  The literal meaning of Islam is "peace".  How can "holy wars" be justified?

Personally, I also extend this to not killing animals.  I do not judge those who do, but frequently feel judged by meat-eaters who feel threatened by vegetarianism.  I think that, if people are going to eat meat, which I personally choose not to, they should at least take the time to thank The Divine (and, yes, I do allow for, and respect, atheism - but certainly all who believe...), and to honour the spirit of the animal who has lost his or her life in order to feed them.   

Pacifism and vegetarianism may be unpopular, but I believe in these values, and I don't see why they cause so much offence.

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