Sunday, 27 February 2011

Peace Testimony, pacifism and vegetarianism

I totally believe in The Quakers' Peace Testimony.  To me, that couldn't be more relevant today.  And it ties in with "An ye harm none do as ye will" and "Thou shalt not kill".  The Tibetan Book of the Dead also tells us not to kill.  The literal meaning of Islam is "peace".  How can "holy wars" be justified?

Personally, I also extend this to not killing animals.  I do not judge those who do, but frequently feel judged by meat-eaters who feel threatened by vegetarianism.  I think that, if people are going to eat meat, which I personally choose not to, they should at least take the time to thank The Divine (and, yes, I do allow for, and respect, atheism - but certainly all who believe...), and to honour the spirit of the animal who has lost his or her life in order to feed them.   

Pacifism and vegetarianism may be unpopular, but I believe in these values, and I don't see why they cause so much offence.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

How do you reconcile this?

I'm still stuck on the little kid one: "Why does God let bad things happen?"  I'm still stuck on feeling like I'm being punished whenever something goes wrong in my life.  I'm stuck on why so many bad things happen to good people - and animals.  Why is life so unfair sometimes?  I can reason all of this out, but I keep going around in circles and coming back to the same issues. 

Sometimes my faith in God/Great Spirit, The Goddess, The Divine - call it/Him/Her what you will - sometimes that faith feels so strong - but why isn't it more constant?  Why do I get so confused?  I don't stop believing that there is a Higher Power.  I actually almost doubt that the Higher Power is on my side!!!  And I do look at the "bigger picture", but I see so much suffering out there sometimes, and I don't know how to stop myself from feeling depressed.

Am I really a Pagan???

Following on from my "Am I really a Quaker?" post...

So, am I really a Pagan?  I don't know.  I mean, for a start, I'm dyspraxic.  Candle magick and dyspraxia - not the best combination.  Can you be Pagan or/and Wiccan if you can't do candle magick?  Well, I guess I'm not great on religious rituals, anyway - which is probably, in part, where the Quaker side of things comes in for me.  This is all so hard to explain because there are so many aspects to everything, and I don't know where to start, so I apologise if this isn't the greatest blog post ever.

I believe in God and Goddess, angels, faeries, animal spirit guides - and I feel connected to The Divine in my own way, but I guess that I don't entirely fit in anywhere. 

I have used oracle cards.  I own Tarot cards too, but got put off early on, because the first card I ever drew for myself was The Devil, and even though I know that there are positive and constructive aspects to that Tarot card, I have such a problem with the whole Devil concept - you know???

I haven't even touched upon my experiences with the C. of E. and LDS/Mormon churches yet.  I guess that I'll discuss all of that eventually.  Like I said, it's just so hard to know where to start - it really is.  But I want to do this - and I kind of need to do this, in a way.  I just feel like this is the direction I'm being drawn towards.  I've been so inspired by other Quagan blogs, and if reading my ramblings can help even one person to feel less isolated, then it will be worth it.

Is there anyone out there - anyone at all - who has ever had the surreal feeling of being in the middle of a church service at LDS church, thinking about Wicca and Buddhism???????  I can't begin to explain it...

Funny thing is, it's much harder to talk about this in prose form than to write poetry about it.  I've talked about it on forums, but that's different.  That's so-and-so says something and so-and-so responds, but just trying to say this stuff - will I get better at this, I wonder???

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Quagan definition

Quagan??? A Quagan, or Quaker Pagan, is someone who follows a spiritual path based upon a combination of Liberal Quaker and Pagan/Neo-Pagan beliefs and values. That's the best definition I can come up with at present!

Okay, I've added this as a post, so that I can alter my profile, which originally gave this definition.  I am going to edit my profile to say more generally who I am, as I now have another blog on Blogger, which doesn't relate to Quaganism, but to the "pink lit" category of teenage fiction.  I just thought that it was confusing for anyone looking at the new blog if the "About me" section just went on about Quagans, Quakers and Pagans, when the other blog is about something entirely different!!! :-)  If you are interested in my new blog, then check out:

I have no idea...

why the web link on my last post displays as "null", but the link does work and it is a good site, so hopefully that won't put people off visiting it! 

Anyway, just updated:  I will come back to this blog soon!!!  And also begin to develop my newest blog at:  At the same time, I have to try to spend less time overall online, as I don't tend to get anything else done!!!  It's a question of balance...

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Am I really a Quaker?

I don't currently go to Meetings, for health and personal reasons, but I hope to again one day.  I never joined my local Meeting, so I am not technically a Quaker, but I do come from a "part Quaker" (dad's side) family, and I associate strongly with Quakerism.  There is, of course, the added complication of identifying as Quagan (or Quaker Pagan), rather than Quaker Christian, or Orthodox/Conservative Quaker.  Not all Quakers would accept me as a Quaker.  But do I accept myself as a Quaker?  Do Great Spirit and The Goddess accept me as a Quaker?  Do labels or "club memberships" really matter, anyway?  Is Quakerism a religion?  If so, why do so many view it as a Christian denomination, especially here in the UK?  I'm so confused!  If it is possible to be a solitary witch or an independent Christian, then why not a solitary or independent Quaker?  And where are all the Quaker Univeralist groups???

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Just added a couple more of my poems...

via my Poemhunter page.  :-)

Lime Trees by Paula Puddephatt

Lime Trees by Paula Puddephatt

Not In God's Name by Paula Puddephatt

Not In God's Name by Paula Puddephatt

Faith and hope, and fear and insecurities...

Can we ever know anyone?  Be secure of anyone or anything?  How do we free our spirits from disabling emotions, like doubt and fear of rejection?  Is it normal to feel such a strong sense of faith one moment, and yet at other times, to feel totally lost and alone?

Michael Jackson - Earth song - lyrics

Michael Jackson - Heal The World (Lyrics)

Madonna - Love Profusion

The Wiccan Rede

"An ye harm none, do as ye will."  I know that there are various versions of the full poem, but that is the important part: the Wiccan Rede.  I'm not really Wiccan, but I'm influenced, and deeply inspired, by Wicca.  And I absolutely love the Wiccan Rede.  It is simple, beautiful, powerful and just so true.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Madonna - Like a Prayer [Celebration DVD]

Sharing on my blog!

I'm new to Blogger, and have just experimented with the site's sharing facilities - so two of my favourite videos from You Tube, and a few of my poems from my Poemhunter page, have now been added.  Hope you enjoy them! :-)

A Certain Stillness by Paula Puddephatt

A Certain Stillness by Paula Puddephatt

Cash Machines In Walls by Paula Puddephatt

Cash Machines In Walls by Paula Puddephatt

The Highest Perch by Paula Puddephatt

The Highest Perch by Paula Puddephatt

Spiritual Peace by Paula Puddephatt

Spiritual Peace by Paula Puddephatt

Moon Goddess by Paula Puddephatt

Moon Goddess by Paula Puddephatt

Quakers On Pacifism by Paula Puddephatt

Quakers On Pacifism by Paula Puddephatt

Michael Jackson - The Earth Song

Deborah Gibson-Naked.wmv

Hay Quaker: Optimism and Hope ~ Doug Muder

Hay Quaker: Optimism and Hope ~ Doug Muder: "'At times like these it is important to remember the difference between hope and optimism. Optimism is an expectation of the future, but ho..."

God(dess) comes to all nations...

I just believe that!  So I don't believe that any one religion or spiritual path has "all of the answers".  If that makes me a "spiritual seeker" or "spiritual shopper", so be it.  It is just so hard when you don't really fit in anywhere, but I've had that problem throughout my life.  I persist, and defend what I believe to be right and true.  I am happy with the term "Quagan" - as labels go - but true spirituality transcends all labels.  It isn't a case of which, if any, "club" you belong to.  That's how I see it, anyway.  All religions contain truth and value, and if we have open minds and hearts, we can learn from each other, and be loving and compassionate towards other people - and animals - and trees etc, as they have spirits, too.

Quaker Pagan Reflections: For This Year's Brighid Poetry Festival

Quaker Pagan Reflections: For This Year's Brighid Poetry Festival: "Let the candles flame Soft against the cutting cold Ice and mounting snow. For the fire wakes Soon, and leaps into the sky. Ice will melt; ..."